30th International Research Seminar in Marketing
La Londe les Maures, France - 11th-13th JUNE 2003

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    Aksoy, Lerzan 
    & Bhatnagar, Namita
    Koc University, Istanbul, Turkey
    Asper School of Business - University of Manitoba - Canada
    “Et Tu, Brutus?”:  A Case for Consumer Backlash against Perceived Product Placements
    Bailey, Ainsworth A. University of Toledo, USA
    The Impact of Company Reputation and Consumer Skepticism on Consumers’ Perceptions of Non-Fulfillment of Promotional Deals
    Basil, Debra Z. 
    & Basil, Michael D. 
    University of Lethbridge, USA
    University of Lethbridge
    Toward an Understanding of Fit: Effects of Association and Complementarity in Cause-related Marketing Alliances
    Cowley, Elizabeth,
    Farrell, Colin 
    & Edwardson, Michael
    University of New South Wales, Australia
    University of New South Wales
    University of New South Wales
    Affective Expectations and Uncertainty Orientation: When do Affective Expectations Stop Influencing Affective Reactions?
    Cowley, Elizabeth  University of New South Wales, School of Marketing  - Australia
    How the opinions of others affect memory for consumption experiences
    Davis, Teresa University of Sydney, Australia
    What A Brand Means To The Child Consumer: A Thematic Categorization Task Approach
    De Magalhães Serra, Elisabete,
    Carvalho Vieira, José Manuel,
    De Castro, Alberto João C.
    & Ladron de Guevara Martinez, Antonio   
    Universidade Católica Portuguesa (Oporto) Portugal
    Universidad Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona) Spain
    Universidade Católica Portuguesa  (Oporto)
    Universidad Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona)
    Brand Extensions: Evaluation and Reciprocal Effects
    Denny, Rita M.
    & Sunderland, Patricia L
    Practica Group, LLC - Chicago - USA
    Practica Group, LLC - Chicago
    Researching Cultural Metaphors in Action: A Strategy for Consumer Research
    Fernandes, Joana Cosme 
    &  Lages, Luis Filipe
    Ericsson Telecommunications Portugal
    Universidade Nova de Lisboa
    The serpval scale: a multi-item instrument for measuring aconsumer’s personal values about a service offering

    Ferrandi, Jean-Marc,
    Merunka, Dwight,
    Valette-Florence, Pierre  
    & De Barnier, Virginie

    University of Dijon, France
    Aix Graduate Schhol of Management and Marseille-Provence Graduate School of Business, France
    University Pierre Mendes-France of Grenoble, France
    EDHEC Nice, France
    The transfer of a reduced human personality scale to brands:  an initial cross-cultural test
    Giesler, Markus Kellogg Graduate School of Management , USA
    Social Systems In Marketing
    Gonzalez, Christine Toulouse Business School - France
    Online consumer search: influence of searching orientation on the perception-value-satisfaction chain
    Gurviez, Patricia 
    & Korchia, Michaël
    E.N.S.I.A.,  I.R.G - University of Paris XII France
    Bordeaux School of Management
    Test of a Consumer-Brand Relationship Model Including Trust and Three Consequences
    Hansen, Flemming CBS - Denmark
    The role of emotions in understanding the effect of advertising communication
    Holden, Stephen J.S.,
    Mcintyre, Shelby,
    Jones, Marilyn
    & Vallaster, Christine
    Bond University, Australia
    Bond University
    Bond University
    University of Innsbruck, Austria
    Guess What ? Having the audience guess the result increases the impact of a communication
    Keiningham, Timothy L.,
    Perkins-Munn, Tiffany,
    Vavra, Terry G. 
    & Evans, Heather
    Marketing Metrics, Inc. NJ, USA
    Marketing Metrics, Inc.
    Marketing Metrics, Inc.
    Marketing Metrics, Inc.
    The Impact of Different Buyer Groups on the Relationship between Customer Satisfaction and Share-of-Wallet
    Kim, Chung-Hyun
    & Suh, Taewon
    Sogang University, Graduate School of Media Communications, Korea
    Boeing Institute of International Business, John Cook School of Business,  Saint Louis University, USA
    Consumers’ Multi-layered Experience and Their Perception of Corporate Image
    Lanseng, Even 
    & Alfnes, Frode
    Agricultural University of Norway
    Agricultural University of Norway
    Brand Performance in the Marketplace: an Experimental Auction Approach
    Laros, Fleur J. M. 
    & Steenkamp, Jan-Benedict E.M.
    Tilburg Universit, The Netherlands
    Tilburg University
    Consumption Emotions; Their Structure And Relevance In The Consumer Domain
    Le Roux, André IAE Université Bordeaux IV, France
    Explaining Aad Scores Through Reaction Profiles: Additional Evidence of Validity for an Adjective Checklist
    Lerouge, Davy
    & Warlop, Luk
    KU Leuven, Belgium
    KU Leuven
    The Perils of Predicting Your Partner’s Product Preferences
    Lombart, Cindy 
    & Jeandrain,  Anne-Cécile
    Facultés Universitaires Catholiques de Mons (FUCaM) - Belgium
    Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL)
    Contrasting browsing in retail stores and e-surfing: Antecedents and consequences
    Martenson, Rita University of Goteborg, Sweden
    Consumers' solutions to cognitively coplex financial problems. The role of knowledge on the stock market
    Morris, Marlene D. 
    &  White, Meaurie
    Georgetown University - McDonough School of Business, USA
    Not disclosed
    Classic ‘and’ Cool?:  A Comparison of Luxury Goods Consumption Across Urban and Traditional Luxury Goods Markets
    Obermiller, Carl 
    & Sawyer, Alan
    Albers School of Business- Seattle University, USA
    Warrington College of Business - University of Florida
    The effects of contextual affective advertising cues on information search and brand choice
    Obermiller, Carl 
    & Spangenberg, Eric
    Seattle University - Albers School of Business - USA
    Washington State University
    Ad Skepticism:  The Consequences of Disbelief
    Pettigrew, Simone 
    & Donovan, Robert
    Edith Cowan University - Australia
    Curtin University
    Persuading Adolescent Males to Recognise the Negative Consequences of Alcohol Consumption: A Communications Challenge
    Pracejus, John W.,
    Olsen, G. Douglas 
    & Brown, Norman R.
    University of Alberta, Canada
    University of Alberta
    University of Alberta
    On the Prevalence and Impact of Vague Quantifiers in Cause Related Marketing.
    Roehrich, Gilles ESA Grenoble, France
    An empirical comparison of 2 conceptualizations of consumer innovativeness
    Romani, Simona
    & Dalli, Daniele 
    University of Pisa, Italy
    University of Pisa
    Effects of the transition from Lira to Euro on buyers’ product evaluation. An analysis before and after the introduction of the new currency.
    Sintas, Jordi López 
    &  Álvarez, Ercilia García
    Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain
    IESE Graduate Business School - Universidad de Navarra
    Four Characters On The Stage Playing Three Games: Performing Arts Consumption In Spain
    Swaen, Valérie 
    & Vanhamme, Joëlle
    Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium
    Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands
    Do accusations of irresponsible acts hurt companies more when they promote themselves as socially responsible?
    Tufte, Birgitte
    & Rasmussen, Jeanette
    Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
    Copenhagen Business School
    The new Generations use of Computers and the Internet
    Vaidyanathan, Rajiv
    & Aggarwal, Praveen
    University of Minnesota - Duleth, USA
    University of Minnesota-Duleth
    Getting a foot-in-the-door: Enhancing the effectiveness of cause-related marketing
    Viot, Catherine Université Montesquieu, Bordeaux IV, France
    Effect Of Inner And Social Dimensions Of Brand Image On Consumer Attitude Toward Brand Extension
    Walley, Matthew J. C. 
    & David R. Fortin
    University of Canterbury, New Zealand
    University of Canterbury
    An Empirical Observation of Behavioral Outcomes in Online Auctions: The Effect of Reserve Price, Reserve Disclosure and Initial Bidding as External Cues in the Buying Decision Process

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